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GTA Chinatown Wars para iPhone, iPad y iPad Mini

Our application of the day is Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

I’m sure many of you still remember the classic GTA 1, the game that started it all. That title was created by a company that would soon be renamed Rockstar North and would continue the saga to this day. Well, today we bring you a remastering of the classic: GTA Chinatown Wars for iPhone and iPad.

This action game costs $4.49 and requires iOS 5.0 or later. It is a very entertaining game that emulates the gameplay of the first title . The main (and perhaps most representative) feature of this one is that it offers a game mode controlled from an aerial view .

GTA Chinatown Wars para iPhone, iPad y iPad Mini
GTA Chinatown Wars para iPhone, iPad y iPad Mini

Obviously it doesn’t have the same graphics as the first Rockstar game, but it has much more powerful graphics , with much more exciting camera changes and missions staged through images and subtitled text.

GTA Chinatown Wars brings triads to your iPhone or iPad

The story begins with our character (Huang Lee) traveling to Liberty City to deliver our late father’s legendary sword. But one of the rival gangs will ambush us at the airport and, leaving us for dead, they will leave our character at the bottom of the sea.

The story is full of drama, emotion and touches of humor: “This is the typical American welcome,” our character said when he was saved from the ambush. The aspects that we liked the most in Chinatown Wars are the graphic aspect and the driving .

The graphics have an artistic style very similar to comics and the driving is really fluid. Taking into account that in Grand Theft Auto we will spend hours and hours driving, it’s thankful that the controls respond so well when driving a car. In addition, the car automatically aligns itself perfectly to the lanes of the road .

Helicopter police chases, explosions, medicine collection, spectacular missions and excellent gameplay are some of the aspects surrounding this wonderful game for iPad and iPhone. Have you tried it yet? It’s highly recommended!

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars on video

Find out more about the game from our video gameplay:

Download GTA Chinatown Wars for iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini

Download the game for £4.49 from here:

What do you think about GTA Chinatown Wars ? We’ve loved it, it’s good to switch to other kinds of games from time to time to have some fun…