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GT Racing 2 ready for free download

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GT Racing 2 ready for free download
GT Racing 2 ready for free download

Gameloft’s newest racing game, GT Racing 2, was released today. This new game is destined to be a hit on the App Store because of its graphics, realistic driving, weather changes, online mode, and large number of cars available. The new racing simulator is available at zero cost, based on the freemium business model; so if you like cars you have no excuse to try this gem,

Every day the Apple app store becomes more and more attractive, nowadays we can find games of the highest level like Infinity Blade III, Real Racing 3 or Plants vs Zombies 2, to name a few. Today, in the list of games in the App Store we have to add another one: GT Racing 2 .

Gameloft has proven once again that bringing great games to mobile platforms is their thing, and it’s going to make things very difficult for Real Racing 3, so far the best simulator on iOS. GT Racing 2 stands out for its graphic quality, it’s amazing the graphic level we are reaching with these lightweight devices, closer and closer to the levels of Xbox 360 and PS3 .

Another point to highlight is that it is defined as a racing simulator, so the most purists in the field are in luck, in my opinion, is the game with more realism in the Apple platform . From today, you can test up to 67 different cars with a very high quality of modeling in the 13 circuits that come as standard, one of them Laguna Seca.

Let’s review the most important features of this new version:

  • Campaign and online mode.
  • 67 cars in total, distributed in 30 manufacturers, such as Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, Dodge, Nissan, Audi, Ford, among others.
  • 13 circuits including the mythical Laguna Seca.
  • More than 1400 events including classic races, duels, playoffs and overtaking.
  • Every week there will be 28 new challenges.
  • The new physics model offers the most realistic dynamics to date.
  • Races at different times and in different weather conditions.
  • 4 cameras included, with an impressive interior view.
  • There’s no time or cost to repair! You won’t have to wait or pay to participate in an event again.

The business model Gameloft has chosen is the famous freemium , so if we want to play and try the game it won’t cost us a cent , it is a good model that offers the opportunity to enjoy titles at a cost of zero, although surely, to have a 100% complete experience we will have to invest in purchases in-app .

GT Racing 2

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