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Growl on Mac App Store

Growl is the ultimate notification system for Mac. It’s the easiest way to find out what’s going on with applications while you’re working on something else.

One day we were working with photos in iPhoto while waiting for an important email to arrive. Every time an email arrived, we interrupted our work in iPhoto to check the mail. We had no idea what the email was, we had to constantly switch from iPhoto to Mail to see what email was coming in. At the end of the day, we decided we needed a solution to this problem, and Growl was born.

Growl on Mac App StoreGrowl on Mac App Store

Never before has there been such an effective way to customize notifications. You can be notified in several ways, on screen, by mail, or even by voice mail. And if you know a little about web technologies (CSSHTMLJavascript) you can create your own Growl visual style to make it look the way you want.

And many more INCREDIBLE features:

– Customize notifications. Choose the appearance of Growl.

– He keeps working even when you don’t. Go back to your mac and check what happened while you were away from the Summary.
– Easy to use application tab to control what you get and what you don’t.
– Voice style for listening to your notifications, excellent for those with vision problems.
– Notification history, to know what has been going on.

– A variety of visual styles included with Growl. From nano which is small, to Music Video which is huge.
– Make your own Growl visual styles with web technologies to give Growl its own style.
– Send Growl notifications from Cocoa, AppleScript or even the web.
– Two or more Macs can be notified via the network.
– It can work with the iPhone and iPad using Prowl.

Growl is what you need. Millions of people need it and so do you. Really!