Growing Number of Developers Testing Your Apps

We keep crossing out days on the calendar and counting the days until the Apple Watch reaches stores in nine countries. Next Friday, April 10th, the smartwatch can be pre-booked and Apple is accelerating access to developer test labs to test their applications on the Watch so that everything is ready when the device goes on sale.

Last week we told you that Apple now allows all developers to upload Watch applications to the App Store. This way, those users who make an appointment to try the Apple Watch will have the possibility to try some of those apps .

Growing Number of Developers Testing Your Apps
Growing Number of Developers Testing Your Apps

Initially, the Apple Watch is expected to have 38 applications from day one, a number that is not bad and will gradually increase. Now Apple is finalizing the details and it seems that has invited numerous developers to its labs to test and run their apps directly on a Watch.

About twenty developers have already tested their apps on the Watch

Looking back, we see how developers have had the opportunity to create their applications for the Apple Watch since several months ago , when the company introduced the smartwatch to the world in September’s Keynote. In fact, before last March’s Keynote, only top-ranked developers like Uber and Facebook were invited to Apple’s offices to test their apps on the Watch.

However, in the weeks following the “Spring Forward” Keynote, Apple has been inviting more developers to Cupertino’s test labs to test their applications on the Watch so they can see how they work on a real device and if they need to make any changes to improve. According to information circulating on the web, around twenty developers have already visited these labs.

However, if we look at the Apple Watch Applications section of the company’s website, it is quite clear that the developers have access to it since before March 9th. Since then, it seems that a number of developers have had the option to test their application on the Watch for one day .

iPhone apps begin updating to support the Apple Watch

From iMore they point out that there are already a number of iPhone applications that have received their corresponding update to support the Apple Watch . Among these applications are Dark Sky, Evernote and Target, but there will be many more that will be compatible with the Watch.

Finally, it should not be forgotten that although initially the number of applications supported by the Watch will be somewhat limited , developers are still working and many more are on the way. In any case, it is expected that on April 24th, the day of its launch, you will have a few applications available with which to enjoy the Apple Watch from minute one.

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