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Groove Coaster Zero, Gran Juego Musical para iPhone, iPad y iPad Mini

Groove Coaster Zero great free music game for iPhone and iPad

Groove Coaster Zero is a musical skill game from Taito for iPhone and iPad, which is not new in the App Store, but is one of the most prominent and therefore we will tell you what you will find in it . The game is free, but includes purchases within the application, such as the acquisition of premium themes.

As long as you like the music, you’ll like the game. It is a game that enters by the ears, besides being adorned with thousands of lights and colors to make it more beautiful visually , but that at times can be excessive and annoying a little, this being the only negative point we can find the game. But let’s comment on the benefits of the title, which are not few.

Simplicity and fun above all

Groove Coaster Zero, Gran Juego Musical para iPhone, iPad y iPad Mini
Groove Coaster Zero, Gran Juego Musical para iPhone, iPad y iPad Mini

Groove Coaster Zero is a very simple game to control, with just one finger, and to learn, but difficult to master. It is also presented in a sober and simple way, through very simple but fully functional menus.

The first thing we must do is choose one of the available songs, being “The Beginning” the most recommended one to start, since it serves as a tutorial. Do not worry if you see few songs, you will not need to buy any “because the game includes purchases within the application” because we will unlock new songs as we play, you can download for free from the store that includes the game itself. To say that this game is a second part of Groove Coaster, which was released in 2011 and if you got it at the time, you will be added a series of new themes to this as a thank you.

The handling is simple, we will have to make pulsations or touches on the screen when the Avatar, that we will be able to change it by others that we will be able to obtain, arrives at some circles. When these are white they will only require a touch on the screen, but for example, if they are yellow, we will have to leave the finger pressed until the line ends and release it at the right moment. The truth is that Groove Coaster Zero may seem very simple, but once you try it you’ll be totally hooked despite its simplicity and it’s an addictive game that always invites you to improve.

If we are good and we don’t miss the taps, we will make combos and when we get to an amount that the song considers, new points will appear where to press, that in case they don’t exist in the song, but that will be unblocked if we are good enough and we don’t miss. Needless to say, the more you hit, the better your score at the end.

Practice makes perfect

Groove Coaster Zero is a game that if it manages to catch you, get ready for hours and hours of vice, you won’t let go of your iPad or iPhone. Each song includes different difficulty modes, so you’ll have to play it up to three times. These will be unlocked as we get through the first few difficulty levels, although some songs will come with a couple of modes released from the start.

Juegos iPad de Música

As we have said before, at the beginning of the game there will be few songs available, but once we get over songs and level up, the list will get bigger and bigger, reaching 30 songs that you will have for free , plus some that have been added with updates. We will also be unlocking new avatars for the game, with different skills, items and graphic themes, which we can choose before starting a song.

The title also includes online score markers, even by theme, to compare our scores with the rest of the world or friends. The pique is assured.

Don’t despair if you find it hard to get the game at first, as practice makes you better. In addition, it is essential that you follow the rhythm of the song, because sometimes the amount of coloured lights can block the path and it is better to rely on your hearing than on your sight. Follow the rhythm and you will have no problem. We don’t deny that sometimes it makes you want to dance, playing Groove Coaster Zero.

With much better headphones

Needless to say, to fully enjoy a musical game, it is almost essential to play with headphones. It’s true that you can enjoy it with the speaker, but the experience is greatly enhanced if you play with headphones. At iPadizate we strongly recommend that you use them if you want to enjoy the game to the fullest.

Video of the game

To help you better understand what we are talking about, here is the official trailer of the game:

Download Groove Coaster Zero

You can download Groove Coaster Zero by clicking on the button below. Remember that the game is free and that it includes new themes in a premium form, by passing through the box. But the number of free themes is quite large.

We’ll leave you, we’re going to hit Groove Coaster Zero. What do you think of the game? Have you tried it?

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