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Greg Joswiak talks about innovation and the new iPhone

Just as we told you yesterday that Tim Cook had written an email to his employees telling them about the new products the company had introduced and trying to convey the enthusiasm he feels for them, today, Greg Joswiak, Vice President of Marketing for iPhone and iOS, has done the same .

Greg has talked in this email about the complex process of developing new Apple products, about innovation, his career and the philosophy behind the iPhone 5c. All this so that the employees of the apple brand can perfectly understand everything that these new products and Apple’s market line mean and represent .

Greg Joswiak talks about innovation and the new iPhone
Greg Joswiak talks about innovation and the new iPhone

What do today’s product introductions tell us about innovation at Apple?

We have a great new lineup of iPhone and the iPhone 5s is the most modern smartphone ever created. Our teams have worked incredibly hard to make the difficult, easy. It’s a great example of why Apple is the most innovative company today.
The iPhone 5s uses Apple’s newest chip, the A7, which is the world’s first 64-bit mobile processor. This will provide the terminal with technical efficiency and great performance. And contrary to the chaotic transition of PC users to 64-bit we will make it very easy for both users and developers.

We are delighted with the improvements made to the iPhone 5S camera. Remembering that the iPhone camera isn’t the most popular smartphone camera, it’s the most popular camera in the world. We know that our customers are going to use their iPhone camera to capture moments of their lives, so we feel compelled to create the best camera we can.

People want to take great pictures with their iPhones without having to be expert photographers. And the integration they have with the software and hardware makes us go further than others and offer a great experience to our users. We’ve created an automatic image stabilizer and a color-corrected flash with double LEDs that will make photos look more natural. We have also added a burst mode that allows us to take a continuous sequence of pictures as long as we press our finger. We’ve also added a slow motion mode that lets you record video at 120 fps and play it back in slow motion. These are very complicated operations that we have managed to make real with just one finger press.

The iPhone 5s also has a great security feature called Touch ID, which is located in place of the Home button. This is a breakthrough technology, which our teams have worked hard to create. This is a very important aspect, because we have many aspects of our life on the phone. Touch ID allows us to keep the iPhone more secure and unlock it with just the touch of our finger.

There are many more things we did in the background that are really complicated to make simple for the user. This is what innovation at Apple is all about.

What was the idea behind the iPhone 5c?

This is a great moment for the iPhone as we have created two phone lines to replace the existing iPhone 5. This is the first time we’ve done this. iPhone 5c redefines and enhances the iPhone 5, which is our most popular phone ever.

The first thing we’ll notice is how the phone feels in our hand. It’s made of steel-reinforced polycarbonate and it feels really firm, just like an Apple product should feel. The quality and workmanship is incredible. And of course it comes in a range of five beautiful colours. We think people are going to love it.

You’ve been part of Apple’s product launch for 20 years now, what’s the highlight this time?

The extreme collaboration between the hardware and software teams. Apple has always been proud of its strength, but I think these teams have worked on another level. And they’ve done an incredible job in a very short period of time. They’ve redesigned every application for the new iOS 7 and designed, in turn, a new system to run on 64-bit.

When you start using iOS 7, you won’t want to go back to previous operating systems ever again. It’s fresh, new, alive, and engaging. We’ve added over 200 new features. Billions of users will feel like they have a new device when they upgrade on September 18. And with the deep technical and design integration between iOS 7 and iPhones, we’ll bring an experience that doesn’t exist on any other platform.

It’s great for the developers too. They know that consumers will quickly upgrade to iOS 7. iOS 7 will quickly become the world’s most popular mobile operating system. Therefore developers should update their applications as soon as possible to take advantage of this opportunity.

All this that we have presented is very ambitious. I think we should all be very proud of the end result and the incredible level of innovation we have brought to our clients.

This is a fairly extensive email which deals in depth with Apple’s efforts to create new products and the fact that innovating and creating great things in a simple way is not an easy task. Apple employees really need to be happy about what they can do with the new iPhone 5s and 5c and a finger.

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