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Greenpeace may be the culprit behind Apple’s short cable life

We all know that a company of the calibre of the bitten apple has a range of products with a catalogue superior to that of any other firm in the electronics sector worldwide , therefore it is normal that the prices of these products also rise drastically, but as we have already said on more than one occasion, Everything we can buy under the Apple label is worth its corresponding price, in short, if we bought an iPhone we would be somehow investing the money because these terminals usually double and sometimes even triple the life that other companies’ smartphones can offer.

Once we have all this in mind, we already start to reason and understand the high cost of the products we have at our disposal by the company within the most valuable electronics industry in the world, because as we have already told you on some occasions, Apple is about to break the record and become the first American firm to reach a value of 1 billion dollars, but not one billion as they are used to say there, but one million million as we say in Spain.

Greenpeace may be the culprit behind Apple’s short cable lifeGreenpeace may be the culprit behind Apple’s short cable life

Perfection within a section like this is almost impossible, if not impossible, although some analysts and important personalities within the world of electronics say that the iPhone 8 will be the terminal that is closest to perfection itself, and it better be because this smartphone will be the most expensive mobile phone in history, thus worth more than $1,000 as a starting price. If we want to look for a weakness in some specific Apple products, the first thing that comes to mind is the low hardware that this company’s computers have, but we can rarely see such a big contra to buy one of them .

One of the real problems Apple has had over the years has been its accessories or product complements, more specifically we can refer to the iPad or iPhone charger cables which is made with a PVC that is environmentally friendly , but that at the same time is shortening the useful life that this essential element offers and the main culprit of this is none other than Greenpeace , the great environmental NGO.