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Greenpeace attacks Apple for its new Daisy robot

Yesterday Apple launched its annual environmental report where it widely exposes its plans to avoid further damage to the environment. One of the highlights was the presentation of Daisy, the company’s new robot whose sole mission is to recycle the usable components of over 200 iPhone per hour, replacing Liam. This seems that has not finished convincing Greenpeace because today they have released a statement where they criticize Apple and believe that the company’s vision should be different.

In this statement released a few hours ago, Gary Cook, talks about that Cupertino’s company should focus on making longer lasting devices and also that they can be upgraded to avoid users ending up throwing them away every year than buying them and not going through Daisy. The statement reads as follows:

Greenpeace attacks Apple for its new Daisy robot
Greenpeace attacks Apple for its new Daisy robot

Instead of another recycling robot, what’s needed most from Apple is a statement that the company is embracing one of its greatest opportunities to reduce environmental impact: designing repairable and upgradeable products. This would keep its devices in use much longer, delaying the day they would need to be taken apart by Daisy. Customers want to keep their devices longer, as evidenced by a 3-4 week wait for a battery replacement at Apple stores earlier this year, when Apple was forced to drastically reduce the price of the replacement.

Greenpeace already investigated with iFixit the longevity and reparability of Apple devices, and the results were not very good for the company as they accused it of making the repair processes more complicated so we would be talking about that since Cupertino would be trying to get the user to buy a new device and throw away the one that has broken.

Apple seems to have this in mind, as in their environmental report they have mentioned that they are trying to increase the life span of the devices although they are not showing it with the latest actions they are doing.

In the Greenpeace report it is not all negative as it also praises the fact that Apple is reducing emissions of gases that contribute to the greenhouse effect, being very focused on increasing the use of renewable energy, something that Samsung, for example, does not do with only 1% of renewable energy.

Leave us in the comment box if you agree with Greenpeace and think Apple should increase the longevity of its devices and not incorporate recycling robots.

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