Green Farm 2 for iPad, Take care of your Organic Farm

Green Farm 2 takes the resource management applications for the iPad and iPad 2 one step further. Create your farm and manage it from anywhere. With so many animals, buildings, decorations, and more, the possibilities for growing your farm are endless!


Green Farm 2 iPad

Green Farm 2 for iPad, Take care of your Organic Farm
Green Farm 2 for iPad, Take care of your Organic Farm

The first thing that catches your eye is the great isometric perspective graphics. With a very cartoon-like appearance, the colourful designs fit perfectly with the style and the casual gameplay of Green Farm 2.

If you already played the Facebook version of this same game, you can now link to it to enjoy it on your iPad . You can also visit your friends’ farms, send or receive gifts and earn money to customise it .

With the eco-fashion, this Green Farm 2 couldn’t miss the opportunity to get down to work on planting organic vegetables and using renewable energy such as solar panels or windmills to power your farm.

As if that were not enough, personalisation is of vital importance in this issue: you can prepare your own home-made products, such as juices, cheeses and other specialities. In addition you will be able to carry out fun missions that will give you extra benefits that will help you in the running of your farm such as tractors, planes and even robots!

Let’s go take a look at your nice trailer:

In Green Farm 2 it is your farm, so you decide how you want it to be . The game is totally free, although if we want to advance quickly we have the option to buy credits like in other iPad games (although at no time are they necessary to get all the juice out of it). In addition, constant updates are provided by Gameloft.

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