great speaker, but better for those who use Apple services

El HomePod consume menos energía reproduciendo música que una bombilla LED y su cable de corriente se podrá sustituir

In an instant Apple has lifted the ban and all the major international media have published their analyses of the HomePod . The speaker, which will appear in stores this Friday and which is already starting to be in short supply in online bookings, is taking over all the news dedicated to the world of the apple company.

great speaker, but better for those who use Apple services
great speaker, but better for those who use Apple services

Each analysis has its own way of explaining itself and has a final opinion, but practically all have the same conclusions: the HomePod is a great speaker in terms of sound quality, but with drawbacks when it comes to integrating with non-Apple services.

Here are some of the tests. Remember that these opinions are not ours , you will have your own analysis as soon as we can get a test unit:

The HomePod is smaller than you might think , but it has a quality and a power of sound that will not leave you indifferent and that surpasses all its competitors. Siri works well thanks to the integrated microphones: in The Loop, its integration with Notes, Reminders and Messages is outstanding if you want it to.

The possible inconveniences start when you do not subscribe to Apple Music , or when the smart devices in your house are not integrated with HomeKit. Almost everyone who has tried the HomePod reminds us that we can still use services such as Spotify or Google Music thanks to AirPlay, but we will only squeeze the speaker well when we have chosen Apple Music as our music catalogue.

This, coupled with the fact that you can only set up the device if you have an iOS device (a Mac is no good, as highlighted in the New York Times) makes opinions spin more positively in those who have tested the speaker by having Apple Music and data in iCloud, as well as trying it with smart devices at home.

AirPlay 2 can make a difference when the upgrade comes along that makes it possible

However, some media recommend their purchase regardless of the services you use just because of their sound quality. Some others only recommend it if you’re moving exclusively in the Apple ecosystem. It will depend on each person’s experience and whether the HomePod can enter their habits.

Also remember that the HomePod will improve when AirPlay 2 arrives, as will the competition. The change we’ll have by being able to listen to songs on more than one speaker at the same time may cause preferences to change, so we’ll keep an eye out for future updates.

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