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Great screensavers from White Knight Logic

White Knight LogicEn Apple
You will remember that the other day Salva talked about five great screensavers and mentioned Strands among them. Today we bring you three great screensavers developed by the same company that Strands , White Knight Logic.

The first one is called Filigree, and it shows us on the screen a series of three-dimensional wires with electroluminescent effect. We can choose several parameters of the wires, as well as a certain symmetry in the drawings.

Great screensavers from White Knight LogicGreat screensavers from White Knight Logic

Another one that is quite good is called ignis fatui and it consists of a system of luminescent particles, we can choose the direction of the particles, size and speed, and also simulate a trip in three dimensions crossing this field of particles.

But without a doubt the best of the three is called MetaMercury, and it simulates a system of liquid particles that are attracted to each other forming blobs. We can select among other parameters the materials and the behaviour of the particles, achieving a really hypnotic show.

We’re going to have to keep a close eye on these people. The screensavers listed are free, and some also have a version for Windows . They are not the only ones they have on their website, but of the ones they have I’ll keep these three.

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