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Grayshift claims it can “hack” an iPhone with iOS 12 again

Cuidado con lo que deseas: por qué el iPhone nunca tendrá USB-C por culpa de los auriculares.

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Grayshift claims it can “hack” an iPhone with iOS 12 again
Grayshift claims it can “hack” an iPhone with iOS 12 again


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Apple began restricting access to its devices through the Lightning port in the latest available iOS 11 version. With iOS 12, the company gave an additional twist that made it difficult to hack methods in this way, precisely the one that the GrayKey device used to help law enforcement.

It didn’t take long for the company behind this “magic box” to break through this new protection. Grayshift claims that is already able to hack iPhone with iOS 12 installed , despite this new security measure.

A solution for restrictive USB mode

According to the publication Motherboard (via MacRumors), Grayshift has found a way to circumvent the obstacles imposed by Apple to unlock iPhone through the USB-Lightning port.

Remember that this method of unlocking requires physical access to the device to connect it to a “box” through the Lightning port. Once both are connected, the system performs a series of methods to unlock the iPhone, probably using brute force.

This is what one forensic expert who planned to meet with Grayshift stated in a leaked email to Motherboard. The author refers to the restrictions of USB accessories that connect to the iPhone via Lightning. These limitations started with iOS 11.4, where the user had to confirm with his security code that a USB accessory was accessing the terminal after a week of inactivity. iOS 12 greatly reduces this limit to just one hour.

This means that a device with iOS 12 will block access to Lightning accessories as soon as 1 hour has passed since its last unlocking. To reactivate it, the user must enter their security code again, without prejudice to unlocking the iPhone via Face ID or Touch ID. iOS 12 has this option enabled by default , as can be seen in the image above.

A race reminiscent of the fight against jailbreak

The implementation of this security measure will create a new obstacle for devices such as GrayKey used by law enforcement agencies. Although Apple claims that this is not its intention, but rather to make it more difficult for criminals to gain unauthorized access:

We may well never see an official confirmation from Grayshift of their ability to unlock iOS 12 terminals. The security company does not promote their product publicly but does so directly to law enforcement through conferences and direct contact.

This fight between hackers and Apple is very reminiscent of the one we saw in the early years at the hands of the “jailbreak” community

Looking at the course of this theme, it begins to remind us of Apple’s fight against the jailbreak of its devices. While Apple is closing down the vulnerabilities in iOS, researchers are concentrating their efforts on finding new ways to access them. And start again .


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