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GrayKey becomes a paperweight thanks to Apple’s efforts

Surely you all remember the famous “magic box” called GrayKey . This tool is (or was) able to unlock any iPhone with little effort. Its creators found a very powerful weapon for law enforcement, but Apple has managed (so far) to render this tool useless, at least on iOS 12 devices.

The security methods that are implemented in the devices (any) are not relentless, but it is possible to put barriers to increase the access time to a device until it has been violated.

GrayKey becomes a paperweight thanks to Apple’s efforts
GrayKey becomes a paperweight thanks to Apple’s efforts

Apple made some security updates in iOS that helped to make things difficult for GrayKey, but they have reached a point where the famous magic box is currently only able to extract a minimal part of the files from a terminal and some metadata, as long as they are not encrypted. In other words, a currently unusable device.

This tool is, was and will be a very sweet toy for law enforcement who want to quickly access the terminals of suspects to extract information that could be relevant. Although it could also be used for other purposes that would put our security at risk if it fell into the wrong hands.

Our iPhone is already a part of us, we have a lot of data, files, photos, videos, positioning records… all this in a device that accompanies us every day, that knows practically everything we do , with whom we are, where we have gone, that we have bought… It is a double-edged sword, hence the importance of Apple’s work to block access to this “magic box”.

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Officer John Sherwin of the Minnesota-based Rochester Police Department confirmed that iOS 12 had impeded the normal procedure for GrayKey to function normally, i.e. unlocking an iPhone so that information could be extracted from it.