Google Translate fits iOS 7

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Google Translate fits iOS 7
Google Translate fits iOS 7

Although iOS 7 has been around for half a year now, there are still applications that have not yet been fully adapted to the iOS 7 interface. Luckily for Google, its flat design fits very well with iOS 7 even if it’s not yet adapted. This is why apps like YouTube were not uncommon before they were updated for iOS 7 .

Something similar was happening with Google Translate, but their iOS 6 keyboard still gave them away. With Hangouts, it’s exactly the same, since it still has the old keyboard as well. Well, the translator is already adapted to the keyboard of the latest iOS 7 version .

But the update not only brings a new keyboard, but also extends support for handwriting in new languages , such as Arabic, Esperanto, Gujarati, Hebrew, Javanese, Maltese, Maori, Marathi, Persian, Punjabi, Telugu, Zulu. It should be remembered that touch-screen writing support was introduced in version 2.1.

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