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Google Snapseed now supports iPhone X screen

Todas las aplicaciones tendrán que estar optimizadas para la pantalla del iPhone X a partir de abril

Snapseed can easily be categorized as one of the best photo applications available today . This platform features an incredible number of editing options, including the ability to remove blemishes, apply filters or selective settings, and even allows you to save each edit you make so that a revision history is created.

Google Snapseed now supports iPhone X screen
Google Snapseed now supports iPhone X screen

Well, the news is that the app has recently been updated for iOS, and from now on is compatible with the 5.8 inch OLED screen of the iPhone X .

This way, Snapseed can be used on iPhone X in full resolution from version 2.18.1 . Everything seems to indicate that this is the only change brought about by this update, as no other new features are mentioned in the App Store notes. In its last update, made in September 2017, the app changed its design, introduced a new perspective tool and launched a new style palette.

Snapseed joins the handful of apps that have been optimized to fit the design of iPhone X. Let’s remember that a few months ago, the company on the block warned all developers that, as of April, no application whose interface is not ready for the iPhone X screen would be published on the App Store.

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