Google Search update for iPhone and iPad with nutritional information

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Google Search update for iPhone and iPad with nutritional information
Google Search update for iPhone and iPad with nutritional information

Google and Apple’s service strategies are very different. Google tries to cover as much ground as possible in iOS. However, it rules out other minor platforms such as Windows Phone as a boycott. On the Apple platform, however, it is very interested in being present. That’s why its applications are consistently better. All in contrast to Apple, which doesn’t take its services beyond its ecosystem.

That Google pampers iOS is no secret. In fact, it happens all the time. For example, if we compare it to the stupid war with Microsoft, from which at the end an official YouTube application is going to come out , it is remarkable that Google takes such care of its applications in iOS.

This is logical, since iOS is a platform with a recognized success, and also a very established one with a very large number of loyal users. That’s why even the most insignificant new features are brought to iOS. Coming back to Windows Phone, it is simply unthinkable that this should happen . Google Search is updated and now shows us the nutritional properties of food.

We only need to ask Google how many calories, carbohydrates or fats a food has, so that it shows us a complete list of the properties of the delicacy in question. This list can also be managed by changing a series of variables . We don’t know if it has arrived in our country yet, so it only works in English.

While this is a less significant development, Google also updated Google Search with Google Now, which combines the full power of speech recognition with the power of the Mountain View company’s search engine . The strategy is clear. Although their applications help improve the Apple platform, all improvements are focused on making us use their applications for various tasks by default.

This way, the number of users through Apple increases, which, as we said, has an established number of users who do not plan to go anywhere else, but want to continue using Google. The aim of the search engine is very simple: to displace Apple in its own field , although in this case, in the world of services. Of course, Apple does not see beyond its platforms. The curious thing is that both strategies work.

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