Google promotes its Apps for iOS and Android on the web

Google trabaja en una nueva aplicación de mensajería para competir con Facebook Messenger.

Google tiene 50 aplicaciones en la App Store

En la App Store actualmente hay 50 aplicaciones compatibles con iPhone, iPad y iPod Touch , todas ellas desarrolladas por Google. Entre ellas se encuentran algunas conocidas por todos como YouTube, Google Maps, Gmail, Hangouts, Chrome, Google Drive o Android Wear, entre otras.

Google promotes its Apps for iOS and Android on the web
Google promotes its Apps for iOS and Android on the web

The search engine company has a strong presence in the iOS app store, and although Apple and its mobile operating system is one of its main rivals, its users are also very important. That’s why Google is promoting its iOS applications and also the Android applications on the search engine’s homepage ,

Google and Apple are two of the most important technology companies in the world of mobile devices thanks to Android and iOS. On the other hand, Google and Microsoft are the two companies with the largest number of applications on the different mobile platforms .

Google is particularly interested in having iOS and Android users use their applications , which is why they would have decided to promote them directly from the search engine’s main website. Here are more details about this move given by the guys at the Mountain View company.

Google wants to give a boost to its applications at Christmas time

Who else and who less, practically everyone uses Google in their day to day life to search, whether at work or at home… However, many times you go straight to search, without looking at what’s around, but if you go to the main website of the search engine,, in the lower central part you will see the following message next to a gift pack:

Discover the best of Google for Android and iOS.

Both the word Android and iOS are linked to their respective app store , specifically to the section where you can see the different apps that Google has available for those devices. In this way, Google tries to encourage users to try out the applications created by them.

This move should not be seen as a blow against Apple, but rather as something beneficial for iOS users. And that’s because we have to admit that Google has very good applications in the App Store for both iPhone and iPad.

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