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Google Photos vs. Apple iCloud, the Photo App Wars

As many of you, dear iPad readers, will know, Google has recently launched Google Photos . The application that will be direct competition to Apple’s iCloud services and that has unlimited storage capacity.

As always, we’ll leave the Google Photos App Store download link in the middle of this article. The app is totally free and requires iOS 8.1 to work.

Google Photos vs Apple’s iCloud

Google Photos vs. Apple iCloud, the Photo App Wars
Google Photos vs. Apple iCloud, the Photo App Wars

Although the advantage of Google’s unlimited storage is quite important with respect to iCloud, Google Photos is only able to store images that are no longer than 16 megapixels. If any image crosses that barrier it will lose a certain degree of quality when compressed.

On the other hand, videos uploaded to Google Photos also require a limit: 1080p , which is not bad either. But if we upload a higher resolution video, as is the case with images, it will lose its quality.

It seems that Google will offer a new service that will increase the quality of photos and videos including a limit of 15GB. Users who wish to own more than 15GB will have to pay for additional storage.

On the other side of the ring, iCloud is like the premium version of Google Photos. Apple’s service requires monthly payments that vary depending on the storage capacity required by each user . Initially, iCloud offers up to 5GB of free storage, and for every 20GB you have to pay an additional 99 cents and £20 (approximately) for a terabyte.

However, unlike Google Photos, Apple’s iCloud does not compress photos and videos and consequently will not lose quality or resolution when uploaded and exceeded.

Download Google Photos

If you want to get the new Google application to store and organize your photos, you can do it from the following download widget:

According to Pusatnews, Apple iCloud allows users to categorize their uploaded images by location or in albums. It also offers separate tabs for photos, created albums, videos and panorama shots. But Google Photos also has great features and functions. Which one do you get?

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