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Google Photos updates to include “Live Album”

Yesterday Google in its event of presentation of the new Google Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 3 XL also announced a new tool for Google Photos that is coming today with an update to our iOS devices and is obviously also coming to Android users. This feature has been named Live Album and will give us the possibility to organize our photo library in a smart way as collected by our colleagues in MovilZona.

Google wants to take advantage of the artificial intelligence to have a much more organized photo gallery since now we will be able to create albums in an intelligent way by collecting the photos with our partner or our pets thanks to the facial recognition of Android and iOS.

Google Photos updates to include “Live Album”
Google Photos updates to include “Live Album”

Creating a new album using the Live Album functionality is not complicated at all since we simply have to open the Google Photos application and at the bottom we have the “New Album” tab. In this new section we will have the possibility to create a “new album” where we will be able to select the photos of specific people or animals that have been detected in our gallery.

Once we have created this album s and will be updated automatically incorporating the photographs we take of these people or animals. In addition, we will be able to share it with our friends and family so you can have all your special moments through Google Photos.

At the moment not all iOS and Android users can enjoy this new album as its implementation could be delayed by several days for both the mobile and web versions. We are already looking forward to making this feature available to all users and see first hand how it works.

Leave us a comment in the comment box what you think about the Live Album feature of Google Photos.

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