Google Outperforms Apple with the Largest Investment Fund Presence


The Internet search engine giant set another new record last Thursday on the Wall Street floor. While its shares are well over $800, Google has become the company with the largest presence in the 50 largest investment funds in North America.

Google Outperforms Apple with the Largest Investment Fund Presence
Google Outperforms Apple with the Largest Investment Fund Presence

Google is in good health on the stock market, day after day, the charts do not stop growing in their favor and are currently hovering around $ 830 per share. The most optimistic analysts are already predicting that they could soon reach $1,000 per share. Yes, strangely enough, that is what they were saying about Apple in September before the stock market crash.

According to the report by Citigroup , Google shares are currently trading at around 25 to 10 on profits. The report points out that this is the biggest gap between the quotations of both companies since 2005, two years before both will enter the fight for the dominance of the mobile market.

Therefore, we see how investors are placing more and more trust in the search engine giant, while at the same time they are more cautious about Cupertino’s. This is due to an unfounded fear among analysts regarding the company’s future prospects and the slowdown in the Big Apple’s profits. It is curious because last month it presented the best fiscal results in its history.

Google currently dominates 70% of the mobile market through its Android operating system and forecasts are positive as there is more room for growth. In a few years, the green robot has become one of the most important sources of income for the company and they surely intend to repeat this success with their future launch, the Google Glass.

Analysts and investors are waiting to see what the next step of Cupertino’s company will be. Perhaps products such as the hypothetical iWatch or Apple TV will be able to give that push to many undecided investors to reach out to Apple again. Anyway, you can rest assured that the company will not go bankrupt any time soon, its coffers have almost 400 billion dollars in cash, far from Google’s 270 billion.

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