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Google Now will land on Chrome for iOS as an upgrade in a few days

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Google Now will land on Chrome for iOS as an upgrade in a few daysGoogle Now will land on Chrome for iOS as an upgrade in a few days

The Google Now voice assistant wants to be in the soup. Now that Google has a mature version of their assistant they want us to be able to use it from all sides. If yesterday we already saw how we can use it from the desktop version of Chrome from the Google search engine, today they have announced that Chrome for iOS will also be updated to integrate Google Now into its core.

Google doesn’t want to stop being in the news every week, not even in iOS, where has been offering us a constant flow of news in its services and in the form of new applications for months now. Little by little they are getting into all the possible holes without Apple being able to do anything, but enriching to unsuspected limits the user experience, which is the most benefited.

Yesterday we saw how Chrome users could already enjoy Google Now on OS X. But of course, many of us thought if Google would also bring this functionality to its star browser in the iOS version. It will, confirmed today in their official blog .

This inclusion will come in the form of an update through the App Store and not as a button within the Google search engine, as is the case with the desktop Chrome. That is, from any page in Chrome for iOS we can trigger Google Now , since its drive will be integrated within the application itself. When we go to make a search from the omnibox , if we touch the microphone icon we will be able to search with Google Now.

The update will also bring a number of improvements to the loading of web pages thanks to cache optimization, which will allow when we have a low-speed Internet connection, the loading speed does not become eternal .

As in Android, Chrome or Google Search for iOS, Google Now in Chrome for iOS will be able to interpret our requests and not be a simple speech recognition system that launches to Google what we talk about. It will also be a conversational interaction, since the system will know what we have asked before and thus be able to specify our question.

It would be interesting if in the next version of Chrome it would be integrated and that while browsing we could say Ok Google and we could search, while in the rest of the browsers of the competition would be introduced in the search engine , as it happens right now in Chrome.

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