Google May Be Working On Its Own “WhatsApp”

Google is working on its own version of WhatsApp

During the last few hours we have received news that Google has started testing in India what could be a new instant messaging application for users , which would initially focus on this market so saturated today, for which it would not be necessary to use a Google account but simply the phone number, as in the case of WhatsApp.

At the moment, as you will know, Google has Hangouts as its main chat application, which is nothing more than an evolution of Gmail’s chat and, therefore, this time you do need a Gmail account to use it . This means that the tool can reach less people than the giant of internet searches would like, even though there are millions of users today who use a Google email account, but it is not enough.

Google May Be Working On Its Own “WhatsApp”
Google May Be Working On Its Own “WhatsApp”

For nobody it is a news that WhatsApp created a great impact among users , which continues to endure to this day and in this sense has not gone unnoticed by the giants of the search engine, which according to the guys from Reuters, and prepares its own instant messaging application in which would not require an account in the company to use it.

An alternative that could begin its trials in India

At the moment it is not official, but the rumor has arrived due to a job offer that Google has put out looking for location experts for a messaging application and engineers with experience in voice to text messaging . As they say… white and in a bottle?

The application could start its tests in India as it could be targeted, especially to this and other emerging markets. With the arrival of this new service, the guys at Mountain View intend to make an appearance in a market that for the moment dominates WhatsApp absolutely in the West and WeChat in the Asian continent , with other rivals that are also there like Line or Telegram (which was updated very recently with a new version with a tablet ready interface).

As has happened on other occasions, Google has not lent itself to making statements on the subject, but the company’s latest movements seem to indicate that the rumours could not be misdirected. As pointed out by MovilZona, the truth is that after the “failed” attempt to have its own social network with Google+, we may be close to seeing how the Internet giant tries it out in the field of instant messaging. Whether this move will work out well for him or not is another matter.

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