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Google Maps Will Bring Offline Navigation to iOS

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La aplicación móvil Google Maps es compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPad Mini. Requiere iOS 7 o versiones posteriores, y es completamente gratuita. Si todavía no la tenéis, podéis descargar la app de mapas de Google desde la App Store a través del siguiente botón:

Google Maps Will Bring Offline Navigation to iOS
Google Maps Will Bring Offline Navigation to iOS

¿Qué os parece esta esperada actualización de la app Google Maps para iPhone y iPad? ¿Conocéis alguna otra aplicación de mapas que queráis compartir con nosotros? Podéis participar desde los comentarios con vuestras recomendaciones, dudas, sugerencias y opiniones. ¡Gracias!

It’s about time! Google will soon bring a major update with long-awaited features such as offline browsing and downloadable data. Google Maps already has use of offline navigation data today, but its next update will make it much more useful.

For example, Google Maps allows us to view an offline area, but we can’t do much more with it. Soon, Google will include other features including navigation and business and corporate information without requiring an Internet connection.

This is a long-awaited feature for iOS users, which will eventually come through an update of the official Google mapping application.

Google Maps will also allow you to download data for offline use

In addition to the implementation and improvements in map navigation without an Internet connection, the Google Maps application for iPhone and iPad will now allow us to download sections of the map so that we can use them later offline.

Once an area of the Google maps has been downloaded via Wi-Fi connection, even the business search and voting functionalities will work without the use of mobile data.

On the other hand, some other features will still require an active internet connection while using Google Maps, such as traffic notifications along our route. But this is still a very complete update.

The new offline map navigation functionality in the Google Maps mobile app arrived yesterday in Android , and will soon do so in iOS. Finally, it is interesting to note that Google Maps was also recently updated to receive full support for the Apple Watch.

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