Google Maps web application now supports StreetView in iOS

The new maps in iOS 6 are bringing Apple down the road of bitterness. As you may know, Tim Cook himself has asked his customers to be patient with the improvement of the map system , proposing different options so they can enjoy the services they did have with iOS 5.

For its part, Google has not remained indifferent. It is still unclear whether Apple’s latest move has benefited or harmed the Mountain View company, but just in case they haven’t stood still . From this point on, the Google Maps web application also supports StreetView, which was one of the main losses users experienced when relying on the maps of the company on the block.

Google Maps web application now supports StreetView in iOS
Google Maps web application now supports StreetView in iOS

It is clear that the best thing for the speed and stability of Maps, is to launch the official application in the App Store. This way we wouldn’t have to have third-party services or have to access the web application via Safari or another browser . In the meantime, we can settle for the web solution, and it has to be said that the interface has been left quite clean and functional.

For those who do not know, to enjoy StreetView in iOS 6 simply go to the Google Maps website, search for the place of interest and click on the icon of the character at the bottom . If the panoramic view is available, it will open in a new tab for your full-screen enjoyment.

We hope that it won’t be long before Apple unlocks the native Google Maps app verification process , so that we can enjoy all the features it previously offered. This would calm down the people who are furious about the iOS 6 map playing.

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