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Google Maps SDK for iOS in 64 bits

Descargar SDK de Google Maps para iOS

The most important new feature of the new generation of iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) is undoubtedly the incorporation of the A7 processor with 64-bit capacity. This allows better performance, greater processing power and the opportunity to enjoy real desktop quality apps. Google, which has in iOS one of its most important sources of income, could not be left behind and has already made available to developers the Google Maps 64-bit development kit, allowing to take full advantage of it.

Google Maps SDK for iOS in 64 bits
Google Maps SDK for iOS in 64 bits

No doubt it was the big surprise of the presentation of the latest model of iPhone. Details such as the fingerprint sensor or the new gold color were known in advance, but absolutely nobody could imagine that the new heart of the iPhone 5s, the A7 processor, would be the first 64-bit architecture processor for mobile devices .

In addition, Apple had already prepared the entire iOS 7 Development Kit to adapt any app to this architecture with minimal changes and obtain extraordinary performance improvements. That’s why he asked all of them to adapt their apps as much as they might require (not all of them need to require 64-bit use, of course).

64-bit is not simply the ability to handle more than 4 GB of memory. They are literally extending the system registers allowing more information to be processed in the same amount of time and exponentially increasing the possibilities of performance and floating calculation, one of the most important bases of development . All of this together with the incorporation of new instructions and a more optimal architecture.

There are those who, out of ignorance, underestimated this change, including some high ranking competitors who forced the company to retract its name as “marketing strategy”. This “intelligent” executive was conveniently removed from his post and “reassigned” .

As it could not be otherwise, Google has not been left behind and has updated its Google Maps development kit to take advantage of this new architecture, in a completely transparent way for the developer. In its version 1.6, the kit incorporates the 32 and 64 bits binaries, so we just have to tell Xcode that we are going to work in 64 and he will only take the appropriate version of the Google Maps kit, making our development not need further transformation .

This way, will get our app in a dual architecture version, 32-bit for devices that don’t support it and 64-bit for new ones , all selected in real time in a transparent way for developers and users.

Given the continuous calculation needs of the maps, it is certainly a great addition that will increase the performance and functionality of any app that makes use of Google maps to display information. We can’t forget that this SDK supports Street View, 3D perspective and building interior navigation among others, which more than justifies the shift towards the search for higher performance.

Google Maps SDK 1.6

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