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Google Maps now supports address sharing via iMessage

Google has updated its mapping application for iPhone and iPad by integrating its services across the entire Apple mobile operating system. 9to5mac

First, Google Maps for iOS has support for a new Address Widget for both the Blocking Screen and the Home Screen and Notification Center.

Google Maps now supports address sharing via iMessage
Google Maps now supports address sharing via iMessage

For example, if you’re on the Home screen, you can slide your finger to the right on your iPhone or iPad screen to access Google Maps Address Widgets.

But there is still much more to this update…

Previously, Google Maps addresses were only displayed within the application and through push notifications. But this update will make it much easier to access addresses in your city that you want to address.

In addition, the Google Maps update provides full integration with iMessage. As you may know, Apple’s messaging platform has its own App Store and apps can provide all sorts of action for iMessage users.

With the new Google Maps app for iMessage, you can send your current location to your contacts instantly , a great way to meet up with friends and family.

Recently, Google has made many changes to its mapping application for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The updates have focused on improving the stability of the application and making it much faster to access Google Maps from the operating system , which is a real challenge for all those third-party applications.

What do you think about this new update to Google Maps? Have you already shared addresses with your contacts using iMessage?


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