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Google Maps could start adding advertising to your app

One of the most functional applications in the world, Google Maps, could include a strategy not so attractive for users but for companies, advertising . The company’s revenues are increasing and that places it as one of the best capital companies and one of the most valuable, but from inside Mountain View recognize that the app is not monetizing like other projects.

Google Maps will be an app that will monetize, although in the long term

Google already tells you the busiest times in a certain place

Google Maps could start adding advertising to your app
Google Maps could start adding advertising to your app

It will be a money maker but it will take time to be one of the strongest and most important, so the vision will have to be long term according to Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO. Users continue to grow the app, and this has a lot to do with the fact that smartphones are being expanded around the world . “Google Maps is now an integral part of a mobile” . Pichai confesses that augmented reality will give maps more significance.

Google Maps has begun to offer recommendations for its users depending on where they are and the time of day. According to Business Insider, this would have a great place within the Google Maps advertising plan. Adding value and good user feedback is the key for Google to start advertising on Maps .

If it’s advertising, Google knows how to do it

Google has been involved in recommending places.

Will it be good for the users? It depends. There are many people who hate advertising inside applications, but I’m sure Google knows how to do it. They are the experts, and as this Business Insider publication states, Google has built companies on the internet and search is their greatest strength. 610 billion dollars are reflected in a great attitude of wanting to change the world .

Companies must also have a good dose of attitude, since they must know how to handle themselves on the Internet. Companies from any sector are betting on social networks as a new method to make themselves known or to become established among any population. Google Maps could revolutionize the way you visit or discover a new place to buy, eat or have fun.

Can you imagine Google helping you get to a new place and offering you an experience not seen before? Share your thoughts on this story in our comment box. Your opinion is very important to us.

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