Google Maps and Spotify Beta now running natively with Siri on iOS 13

iOS 13 arrived yesterday for all compatible iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch 13 minutes before 7pm, so millions of users started refreshing the Software Update section of the system earlier than usual waiting for the notification to reach their devices. Although one of the most relevant features is the dark mode and some redesign of the native applications, Siri also received its share of news .

Cupertino’s voice assistant will read the messages we receive when we are wearing the AirPods, and we will be able to answer them without having to say “Hey, Siri” or anything else. It will be able to recognize multiple voices on the HomePod and attend to requests in a personalized way, and most importantly: the developers will be able to integrate it into their apps through SiriKit , as Google has already done with Google Maps.

Google Maps and Spotify Beta now running natively with Siri on iOS 13
Google Maps and Spotify Beta now running natively with Siri on iOS 13

With iOS 12 we already had a small preview of this integration with the Siri Shortcuts. However, its operation was not always as expected and depending on the application creating a shortcut could be somewhat complicated. Luckily, developers can now integrate Siri natively into their apps with SiriKit.

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This integration has already reached Google Maps. Now, iOS users with the Google mapping application installed on their iPhone will be able to ask Siri for directions and routes using voice commands such as: “Hey, Siri, take me to X Street on Google Maps”. They will always have to say the name of the application in question, otherwise Siri would use, in this case, Apple Maps, as commented by The Verge.

However, the experience is not completely “hands free” , because after asking Siri to take us to the desired location the journey will not start automatically, but we will have to press the button, so it is not the most suitable option if we are already driving. It is also possible to use Waze in this way.

Spotify also integrates with Siri in its latest beta

One of the main reasons why Spotify users are migrating to Apple Music is that they cannot ask Siri to play a song, artist, album or playlist in the Swedish giant’s app. So when it was announced that SiriKit would also work with streaming music apps a glimmer of hope emerged. In fact, Pandora is already supported.

Some Reddit users with the Spotify beta claim that it already works, so it will soon be available to everyone officially via a software update on the App Store.

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