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Google Maps adds a Timeline to your application

Google Maps adds a new feature so that we can check how far we have traveled during the day without having to access the web version to view it.

Google continues to integrate with iOS

Yesterday we told you in this news that Google continues its efforts to integrate more into the iOS system. In its update it included a new widget with which we can follow a route without having to enter the Google Maps application, as well as see the directions we must follow to our destination.

Google Maps adds a Timeline to your applicationGoogle Maps adds a Timeline to your application

On top of that, Google has integrated its mapping application into iMessage, so we don’t have to go to the app to share our location with our contacts.

Check your Timeline from Google Maps

It has now launched a new feature that was previously only available on the Android operating system and through its web application. It is called Timeline, or as it appears in our apps in Spain, “Mi c ronología “.

What is this new option about?

Very simple. What this section does is collect all the movements that we make during the day , creating at the end of each day the route that we have followed through our city.

The main drawback is that we must activate the location even if we are not using the application , which will mean a higher battery consumption since the GPS remains activated throughout the day.

And how can I visualize that daily tour?

Google Maps app settings

Just access the menu within the Google Maps app. There you will see all the available options. The one you have to press appears as my timeline.

Within that section you will be able to see the current route, and at the top right, in the calendar icon, you will be able to navigate in the rest of the days of the year. But remember that for this history to be saved you must have the location activated in the option always.

You will also be shown the different stops you have made and the distance you have travelled. You can even customise it by indicating the means of transport you used or the activity you carried out.

Now all you have to do is assess whether it is worth sacrificing that percentage of battery power to have your routes recorded or not. What will you do?