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Google Lens begins to reach the iPhone and iPad

A few weeks ago, Google Lens was a real unknown on the web, but it is slowly starting to spread until it has now reached the iPhone and iPad. This functionality integrated into Google Photos gives us the possibility to use augmented reality in our camera, offering us a lot of information focusing with our camera on a specific image . I think it is a great functionality, which is worth trying.

A few days ago Google itself made this announcement on its Twitter account: the integration of Google Photos with Google Lens , although it will be integrated little by little during the next weeks.

Google Lens begins to reach the iPhone and iPad
Google Lens begins to reach the iPhone and iPad

Apple is currently betting on ARKit, and with the latest update they have integrated into iOS 11.3, we will soon see this Google functionality in our camera without this Google application. But until that time we can use the augmented reality provided by Mountain Valley in Google Photos.

To be able to enjoy this functionality, we simply need to have our Google Photos application updated, specifically you must be in version 3.15. If you have this version installed, you will simply have to focus your camera on a poster, such as a restaurant, and you will get all the information from it, such as reviews, which will be the most useful.

With this we will be seeing the future of Apple and what awaits us ARKit 1.5, as they will provide the same features taking advantage of augmented reality. Leave us in the comment box if you have already started using Google Lens on your iPhone or iPad, and if you think that its operation will help us in our day to day.

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