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Google Keep comes to iOS and the competition for grades gets interesting

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The arrival of iOS 9 meant an important renewal for the Notes app , by incorporating the possibility of making hand-made notes, drawings, adding images, links, quick queries such as messaging or flight status. For those of us in the Apple ecosystem, Notes serves to synchronize all our notes between devices, and we can also consult them via the web through iCloud.

Many commented that Notas’ competition is Evernote, but the reality is that the latter is much more complete and is aimed at a more professional audience, so Notas is ideal for those who are not looking for complications. But now the real competition has just arrived, since Google has just launched Keep in iOS , its own notes platform.

Google Keep comes to iOS and the competition for grades gets interestingGoogle Keep comes to iOS and the competition for grades gets interesting

We have already commented on several occasions, iOS is a very important platform for Google , and there it has been able to grow in a remarkable way through its applications and services connected to each other. Something that continues to grow and now with Keep, it has a new thrust and importance, as it can be a tough competitor for Notes users.

Google Keep, like all Google services, is connected through our account, so all our activity can be consulted from almost any place and platform , since it is synchronized immediately and is ready to be modified, updated, or just for consultation or sharing.

Google Keep has powerful tools so that it can be used by even the most demanding basic user, since it allows you to organize by tags, colors, add reminders according to a date, time or place through GPS, in addition to allowing the capture of text, images, links, lists, drawings, voice notes, in short, a wide range of formats.

But without a doubt, its most important features are the possibility of transcribing voice notes , as well as extracting text from an image to do internal searches within the notes.

Google Keep is now available from the App Store on for free as a universal app for iPhone and iPad, and is supported from iOS 8.