Google is working on an iPhone keyboard

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The Internet giant is developing a keyboard for devices with iOS operating system. The Verge reported that it obtained the information from sources close to the company. With this keyboard, Google intends to install its search engine in a crucial place in the iPhone’s interface so that users can make their queries without having to go to a different app.

Google is working on an iPhone keyboard
Google is working on an iPhone keyboard

According to the technology website, the keyboard will have several search functions and has been under development for several months now . It is not yet known when Google will release its new creation to the market or if it will be made available to users through the App Store.

A source close to the company said that the keyboard incorporates gesture writing, so it will be possible to type by sliding from letter to letter, as is the case with Android devices. In addition, there are some buttons that allow you to search the web, images or even gifs .

For several months employees of the internet giant have been testing the new keyboard. According to The Verge, this keyboard was designed to increase the number of Google searches in iOS .


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