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Google introduces two new photo apps for iOS

The result of the latest Google research will be useful to none other than iOS users. This time those of the big G, have revealed two new experimental photographic applications that take advantage of recent advances in computer and telephone vision.

Of course, Google’s research is encouraged by the rise of next generation phone cameras that will be able to combine hardware and computer vision algorithms.

Google introduces two new photo apps for iOS
Google introduces two new photo apps for iOS

With these releases, Google has pointed out that these applications are using technologies that are under “active research”, and performance is likely to vary as a result. But, they hope that users will gradually “help guide some of the technology we develop next”.

One of the applications is available for iOS and Android and is called Selfissimo. **This works as an automatic photographer that takes a stylish black and white picture every time you see someone pose in front of you. **You just need to touch the screen and start making your best moves to finally see the results and choose your favorites to save.

The second of these newly introduced applications, called Scrubbies , allows you to easily manipulate the speed and direction of video playback to produce loops that highlight actions, capture funny faces and play moments.

According to the information published in 9to5mac. Google has focused on “radically new creative mobile video and photo applications” as cameras will soon be able to understand the “semantic content” of a photo.

If you are a fan of photography and more añun of the applications with effects, do not miss the opportunity to download these two new proposals and start enjoying them today on your iPhone.

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