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Google Introduces the Google Wallet for iOS “Buy Now” Button

iPhone subscribes to the “Buy with Google” button

It’s been a year since Google introduced the Wallet shopping app for Android users. The US company has launched an API for websites and applications available on Apple iOS devices to make instant purchases. Wallet allows developers to integrate a quick payment system through a button called “Buy with Google”.

With this instant purchase style, users simply access and store payment information on Google’s private servers , which speeds up the process and eliminates the need to insert credit or debit card numbers or other data each time a purchase is made online.

Google Introduces the Google Wallet for iOS “Buy Now” Button
Google Introduces the Google Wallet for iOS “Buy Now” Button

For the more sceptical, Google claims that this is a very safe method. The company provides the user’s payment information to the shop page where the order is placed only after the user decides to complete the transaction.

A shopping system full of advantages and comforts

An instant purchase tool that can be really useful for freelancers with online commerce and for the different developers that sell physical or virtual services, as the service guarantees an easy integration that is compatible with other existing payment systems. Google also offers 24/7 transaction monitoring to avoid any kind of fraud and also without any additional fees or commissions. A strong blow to the PayPal service, which does charge a small percentage to sellers for using its service.

The inclusion of this API in iOS could be a real challenge for Apple, since it has its own wallet service with Passbook. Both applications allow iPhone users to accumulate digital discount coupons and loyalty cards for some brands.

A feature available in the United States but open to developers worldwide

For now this type of service will only be available to iOS users in the USA but with a plan to extend it worldwide if successful. This is why Google offers a special site ( for foreign developers to leave their data and request access to the API. There is no doubt that this method of purchase will become more and more common in our country.

What do you think about the addition of this Instant Buy button for iOS ? Are you a Google Wallet user? Tell us your impressions in our comments.

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