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Google Introduces Android Wear, its Operating System for Smartwatches

Google has just released its operating system for smartwatches called Android Wear

During the last Mobile World Congress in Barcelona I was whatsappeando with an Orange executive present at the congress. I asked him how the meeting was going and what trends he saw . I could give you a screenshot of what he told me but I will summarize: ” wearables, wearables and wearables everywhere “.

Those of us who are older remember how we imagined the future to be. The films did that too, but as time went by we realised that we were almost wrong. But this is something else, it seems that in the next few years we will have to wear shoes with GPS , bracelets to know our heart rate and the usual watches and glasses.

Google Introduces Android Wear, its Operating System for Smartwatches
Google Introduces Android Wear, its Operating System for Smartwatches

Companies are taking it seriously and are introducing devices and software that are starting to take shape and are no longer just shy attempts to get into this technology. For example, Google, which has gone a step further and is getting into the technology, has just released an operating system for smart watches called Android Wear .

Through two videos we can see what the new Google OS is capable of. Through the presentation of everyday situations at home, at work, while travelling or simply doing sport , we get an idea of what we can do with a smart clock , in this case a Motorola, and the Google environment.

Android Wear shares aspects of the interface that we knew from Google Glass , although some of them have been left out that set off the alarms, in terms of privacy, with some feature of the glasses.

The initial functionalities are focused on sport, offering us speeds, distances, routes or directions

The features presented by Mountain View are focused on sport, offering ” real-time speed and distance and time information when running, cycling or walking “. Therefore, it will integrate Google Maps and we will be able to see routes or directions directly on our wrist.

In addition we can receive notifications from any application installed on the mobile and use voice commands to play a video through Chromecast or play a certain song on the mobile. The possibilities may increase as Google implements this technology in more devices.

In the words of the head of Android and Chrome , Sundar Pichai, it seems that the company is trying to offer tools to developers and manufacturers to make Android fit perfectly into devices like SmartWatch.

They would also be working, in the same direction, with their current partners like HTC, LG, Asus, Samsung or Motorola to develop wearable devices. One of the first to incorporate Android Wear and benefit from the collaboration with Google will be from the company LG and will be called G Watch , scheduled for the second quarter of the year.

We hope, like our friends at TheVerge, to be able to hear much more about this operating system even if we have to wait for the Google IO days on June 25 and 26.

Do you think has a future with this technology?