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Google Glass will be compatible with iPhone


It was to be expected given the company’s history and that we are talking about a $1,500 accessory (taxes not included), but in case anyone doubted it, the search engine giant has confirmed that Google Glass will not be exclusive to Android and can also be used with Apple’s iPhone . Google has not exactly gone into detail, but considering the number of apps they have in iOS, it is very likely that both devices will operate quite narrowly.

Google Glass will be compatible with iPhone
Google Glass will be compatible with iPhone

Google Glass has no data connection and communicates with our smartphone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to access the Internet, view notifications and display its potential beyond mounting a camera on our face. As we say, it’s a mystery how well Google glasses will integrate with the iPhone when they’re finally distributed at the end of the year, but as much as Google’s relationship with Apple is not going through its best, the doors are still open on both sides.

Even keeping the distance, an example already available in the market that demonstrates the connection between iOS and a gadget developed by another company outside Apple is Pebble , the electronic ink clock that my colleague Aitor was able to test a few days ago.

Pebble communicates via Bluetooth with the iPhone and offers us a second screen in which we can keep track of the SMS and emails we receive, notifications from Twitter or Facebook, see who is calling us, control the playback of music or even use the GPS information provided by the phone for various purposes. Its iPhone app also serves to update the clock, install new applications and configure its operation so as you see, if we move that screen from the wrist to a pair of glasses, we are basically with Google Glass.

I’m among the most skeptical of the Google project, not so much because of its future possibilities but because of the doubts it raises about privacy, the sad reality that most people’s daily lives are far less interesting than those shown in the demonstration videos, and my reluctance to go back to wearing glasses years after having paid a fortune to be able to live without them. Still, it seems that it’s only a matter of time before we start wearing technology , whether it’s a watch (even an Apple watch), a pair of glasses, or whatever else we come up with.

More options are always good news and what we can definitely draw from this is that the phone will increasingly claim to be the epicenter of our digital life.


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