Google Glass will be compatible with iPhone and iPad

In the last few days there has been a lot of talk about the Google Glass project. Google’s virtual reality glasses are causing very good sensations among the general critics, although really everything is based on some videos that the search engine company has published.

Google Glass is presented as a virtual reality accessory for very geeky people. An accessory to always wear and that allows us to perform different actions. For example, with these glasses you can record videos or take pictures without using your hands, know the time, send messages, search the Internet, see the weather, use a GPS browser. All this without having to take your eyes off what is really important, what we are living in that moment.

Google Glass will be compatible with iPhone and iPad
Google Glass will be compatible with iPhone and iPad

We don’t know if the product will finally succeed once it reaches the market. It is important to know that there is talk of a price of around $1,500, a rather high price for a product of this type, a product that could have a rather limited audience, at least in its first moments of life. Will people be willing to go out on the streets with glasses of this type? I can’t help but remember the first chapters of Dragon Ball where Vegeta appeared with a pair of glasses to get information about his opponents.

Google confirms that Google Glass will be compatible with iOS devices such as iPhone or iPad

In a recent presentation by Google on the Glass project, it revealed that the glasses will be compatible with iOS devices. For the moment, only the iPhone has been mentioned, although the logic would say that they will also end up being compatible with iPad or iPad mini. What has not yet transcended is the functionality that the glasses can take advantage of the iPhone or iPad to which they are connected. We don’t know if it will simply be used as a bluetooth headset or if it will really be able to send messages, share the Internet connection and take advantage of other features of the iOS device.

In any case, it seems that both devices will be able to live together and take advantage of each other. We know that the relationship between Google and Apple is not entirely good, but so far Google is doing a great job with its iOS applications, so it would not be surprising if the integration between Google Glass and iOS devices is also good.

And what do you think of Google Glass? Do you think it’s an attractive technology?

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