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Google Glass now available at the Google Play Store in the UK

The Glass Explorer Edition is available in the UK for £1,000

A few hours ago, Google Glass appeared unexpectedly in the Play Store in the UK. However, what at first might have seemed like an oversight on the part of Google, has finally not happened, as now UK users can buy the Glass for £1,000 . In addition, they can choose from five available colours: white, black, grey, red or blue .


Google Glass now available at the Google Play Store in the UK
Google Glass now available at the Google Play Store in the UK

However, it should be noted that this long-awaited Google accessory is still labelled “Explorer Edition” , so it is not the final version for the user and does not seem to be very different from the variant available in the United States. Currently it seems that they have enough stock to cover user demand, since as we see on the web the shipment takes place in one or two working days.

Could the Mountain View-based company finally present the Glasses at the Google IO event? These events make one think that could be a “preview” of this week’s event .

What will be the final price of the Google Glass?

If these rumors are true, the United States and the United Kingdom would become the first two countries where the glasses would be available , but we have several doubts.

One of the questions we ask ourselves is whether the price will be the same as it was with the beta edition or whether it will be different. At the moment, these two countries are the only ones offering the Google Glass Explorer Edition for £1,000 in the case of the UK and $1,500 in the case of the US Play Store , a price we don’t know if it will be maintained or changed somewhat when the final version comes out.

On the other hand, the possibility of the Glasses losing the name “Explorer Edition” which identifies the beta version of the accessory is also considered.

Google could get us out of the way in the Google IO

So far it’s all rumors and nothing’s confirmed. However, the company could clear up any doubts in the keynote that will take place tomorrow on the occasion of the inauguration of the Google IO . As every year, we hope that there will be some important announcement from the company, as the guys from 9to5Google comment.

Would you buy Google Glass for such a high price?