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Google Desktop for Mac

Google has just surprised me once again, they have just launched their desktop product Google Desktop for Mac, an alternative to Spotlight to search files on our disk and that so many mixed feelings have raised in the Windows community, I mean that either you hate it or you love it, there is no middle ground.

And one of the reasons, in my opinion, for installing Google Desktop is not having a reliable integrated search engine like Spotlight and instead having a mangy dog that does tricks by right-clicking on it. Have you figured out who implemented such functionality in Windows XP yet? Joking aside, having it in Mac OS X doesn’t seem like a good idea a priori, but there are people for everything, humans are animals of habit and if you want to try the machine version of Google’s well-known desktop search engine you only have to download it.

Google Desktop for Mac
Google Desktop for Mac

However, one thing you should know is that unlike its Windows version, Google Desktop does not have gadgets , nor does it install a toolbar, so only has a simple search box that you can call by pressing the Cmd key twice (?). What it does have, though, is the ability to include our Gmail emails in our search results, which Spotlight obviously can’t do.

Honestly, I have enough and enough with Spotlight and above all Quicksilver, but I understand that there are people who can like this tool more, install it and judge for yourself, you will need to have 10.4 Tiger to make it work properly.

Thank you Whiskito !


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