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Google claims that Google Maps will once again support the Apple Watch

In this article we talk about how Google Maps, eBay and Amazon would leave the Apple Watch. We have new news in which it seems that Google Maps will still be available for the Apple Smart Clock , keep reading.

Google Maps expects to support Apple Watch again very soon

Google has spoken to certain media and comments that have, for now, withdrawn support for Apple Watch but expect to support it again in the near future. However, it is unknown when exactly Google Maps will be supported and integrated with the Apple Watch again.

What can we expect from Google Maps on the clock?

Google claims that Google Maps will once again support the Apple WatchGoogle claims that Google Maps will once again support the Apple Watch

If you’ve used Google Maps with your smart watch, you’ll know how useful it is. The Google navigation system with watchOS offers turn-by-turn driving , positioning itself whenever necessary with the GPS of our iPhone or the Apple Watch Series 2 (which has the GPS integrated).

However, unlike with Apple Maps, users have to search for the address using the iPhone. Another problem Google Maps encounters with Apple’s native application is the fact that it cannot display the conventional map view, which is a limitation for many of its users.

Google Maps in Apple Watch

Removal of applications has been slow to make news

Google seems to be following the same route as Amazon or eBay, which have already removed support for their own applications in the Apple Watch. These applications have been unsupported for a long time and it is only now that we have become aware of their situation. This case indicates very clearly that they did not have a large number of users and that their exit from the App Store of the watch is due to this situation, among others.

Why does Google think that Google Maps will return to the Apple Watch?

Personally, I think that they want to compete directly with Apple’s native navigation system, Maps. Although it has the step-by-step system, very useful in navigation, it lacks some of the features of Apple’s Maps. You will probably want to adapt Google Maps to a system more like the Apple version , being able to track on a conventional map or running the order directly from the clock and forget about using the iPhone for this.

Do you have an Apple Watch? Have you used the navigation with your watch? If so, which system did you use, Google Maps or Apple’s native application? Leave your experience and opinion in the comment box.

Via AppleInsider