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Google Chrome in iOS 8 as fast as Safari

In Apple’s keynote on June 2, we were able to attend the presentation of a large number of new features, which were added to the list of those expected, and which ultimately made the event more special and surprising than the forecasts had predicted, something that Apple usually does.

In the iOS 8 plan we could see a good series of new features , of greater and lesser importance, but that stand out in what is expected from a new version of the operating system of our iPhone and iPad. We were able to see changes ranging from our photos, with more editing options, to cloud storage, with the introduction of iCloud Drive, to applications such as Health, which is expected to revolutionize health and fitness in its final version.

Google Chrome in iOS 8 as fast as Safari
Google Chrome in iOS 8 as fast as Safari

Another novelty, less noticed because it is perhaps less visible to a large majority of users, although it is of great importance to developers, is the one given regarding the improved JavaScript engine Apple uses in Safari , and its extension and possible use by other applications, something that will happen in iOS 8.

From this, we can infer that Safari could lose ground in the browser industry, since one of its great virtues and the reason why many users preferred Safari over Google Chrome, which is often the main alternative when it comes to browsers in iOS, was precisely the improved JavaScript engine that Apple used and whose use was restricted to other applications, making Safari take advantage of a faster version than its competitors.

This being the case, Google Chrome will be in iOS 8 as we can assume, just as fast as Safari, so the possible choice between the two will be closer and more equal from now on. On the other hand, and to finish, it must be said that Safari and Google Chrome will be the pop-up browsers integrated in applications such as Twitter and Facebook, and that they show the same speed, yes that is an important advantage easily appreciated by most users and above all, for those who in spite of everything, have always used Google Chrome.

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