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Google Chrome Apps come with a launcher to Mac

A new breed of Chrome Apps, now available for Mac

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Google Chrome Apps come with a launcher to Mac
Google Chrome Apps come with a launcher to Mac

A few months ago we told you that Google was testing an application launcher for the Mac. We didn’t know very well what it was about until today: it’s about Chrome Apps. Not to be confused with Chrome OS or Chrome browser applications – the extensions we now download from the Chrome Store. These apps are now only available for Chrome on Windows and Chrome OS.

In essence, they are applications that will be added to this launcher and will be differentiated between the applications themselves and the links to other Google services such as Gmail or Play Music and the other traditional applications of the Chrome browser. It would be nice if Google had a little more inventiveness for its product name, as both Chrome leads to easy confusion despite its winning brand.

Most applications are the same as the web itself. They differ from browser applications in that they can access your local disk and store content there in order to be accessible offline . One of the keys to the Chromebook.

For example Pocket is exactly the same , we already know that they always try to work with consistent interfaces, but the content stays local so no connection is needed to read. The WeVideo Next video editor also allows you to edit videos offline , such as Smartsheet or Until FM, which in addition to accessing music from Google Play Music can also access our music locally.

No doubt it’s something useful for those who use Google’s apps and those available in the Chrome Store on a daily basis, in the end it’s more ease and accessibility. Maybe in the end the model that Google sells in its Chromebooks will be the one that ends up imposing itself.

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