Google Chrome 14, ready for OS X Lion


And so far they are doing well, because their market share is also increasing and it seems that they have no brakes. Today the Mountain View company has released Google Chrome 14 , and finally with changes for the browser to take advantage of the new features of OS X Lion.

Google Chrome 14, ready for OS X Lion
Google Chrome 14, ready for OS X Lion

In the image above you have the proof: Chrome already uses the native full screen interface of the Apple operating system, with the corresponding button in the upper right corner of the window. The scrollbars disappear as well as in the rest of the windows, since until now Chrome had not adapted them well.

Other more general browser news but also important ones reside in two new APIs: Native Client , capable of running C and C++ code on the system with all that that entails; and Web Audio to enhance the performance of any web application that works with sound and recordings. Google Chrome 14 can be installed from its official website, or updated from its ‘About’ panel in the application menu.

Official site and download

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