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Google Calendar officially arrives as an iPad app

Users who love calendar applications are in luck because Google Calendar is coming to the iPad. Let’s see more details.

Productivity has always been one of the most prolific areas that application developers have focused on as users are passionate about this field. Carrying all your tasks organized in your pocket is something that has always attracted our attention, and calendar applications are always in demand in their different configurations and interfaces. That’s why from Mountain View they have decided to implement Google Calendar for iPad.

Google Calendar officially arrives as an iPad app
Google Calendar officially arrives as an iPad app

As we can see on Google’s blog, the proprietary calendar application, Google Calendar, now comes with its support for iPad users . Coinciding with the launch of the new iPad presented in a modification of its website by Apple, this application arrives to control all our events and pending tasks.

As for the interface, it will be familiar to all those who have previously used this application in the two formats in which its support was already integrated: iPhone and Android tablets. In this way, elements of those two ecosystems have been taken, in addition to implementing a specific optimization for the iPad. This is reflected in the fact that searches can be performed using iOS’ own Spotlight search.

Among the new features implemented from the company of the great G we can find a display of Gmail events whether flights, meetings, etc. We can also configure various targets and the calendar will notify us of our progress; on the other hand, it integrates an intelligent event creation , which will facilitate the creation of business meetings. Google has stated that a widget will soon be included to access events and pending tasks more quickly. Leave us a comment on what you think of this application and whether you prefer it to Apple’s native application.

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