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Google Calendar for iPhone, the Best iOS Calendar

Google has introduced a new application in the App Store, Google Calendar , a tool that will help us spend less time managing our daily activities, tasks, tasks, appointments and errands from our iPhone .

Certainly, it takes a lot of work to plan our whole day and to fine-tune our agenda, in most applications we have to manually enter table reservations in restaurants or hotels, look up addresses and phone numbers, and if our plans change we would have to modify it again…

Google Calendar for iPhone, the Best iOS Calendar
Google Calendar for iPhone, the Best iOS Calendar

With Google Calendar for iPhone this will never happen again, because we are talking about one of the best tools to organize our calendar today.

Main features of Google Calendar

Gmail Events

Gmail emails can now be automatically converted to Google Calendar events . In addition, these events will remain fully updated in real time if, for example, our business meeting has been postponed or our flight has been delayed.

Tips to save us time

Of course, not all event information comes through our inbox. Many times we have to gather phone numbers, contacts and addresses from different sources. With Assists from Google Calendar the application will suggest places and people as we type, and will also adapt to our tastes and needs over time.

New view Agenda

With the colourful and aesthetic design developed in Google Material Design , now the new Agenda view will allow us to consult all our plans much more easily and at a glance, with the possibility of adding photographs and maps of the places we are going to visit.

Finally, Google Calendar offers its users the possibility to change the colors and labels of the different appointments and events in order to identify more easily the activities of the calendar.

Download Google Calendar

This Google application requires iOS 7 or later and is optimized for the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. You can download it here:

Google Calendar comes to iOS to stay, from iPadizate we have tried it and we have loved it, we must say that its version for Android has also been updated. It works and syncs with all the calendars on our smartphone, including iCloud and Exchange.

Without a doubt this is the best application to plan, organize and manage our calendar in iOS. Although Apple’s native Calendar application integrates rather better with third party apps…

What do you think about this new iOS application to organize the calendar? Have you already downloaded Google Calendar for iPhone?

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