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Google Allo vs iMessage comparison

Google Allo has just been presented in the Spanish Store and in iPadizate we have brought you the comparison of the new Google application and the renewed star of iOS 10, Mensajes. The last one brings many new features in its latest version that make it stand out from even Telegram .

Yes, you’ve read well, even Telegram. If this is so, will Allo be able to force us to press the download button? Google has made the decision to take out two applications and leave Hangouts for other purposes – business. If Duo has already left us a good taste – though awaiting updates; we hope Allo will too. Don’t miss out!

Secret texts and images

Google Allo vs iMessage comparison
Google Allo vs iMessage comparison

The renewal of iMessage has brought many improvements, among them, the secret texts and images that are not activated until you click on them, having a strategic advantage in conversations because it will only be seen if you click.

You can send drawings and animations

Messages continue to surprise us and now allow us to send handwritten messages and animations so we can interact better with other people. Besides having a little more fun, which is no small thing.

Expression prediction

It is also accompanied by new features, such as the expression prediction . The AI (Artificial Intelligence) of Google is in charge of learning your way of expressing yourself in order to predict the next expression you will use and be able to save a few clicks.

Messages predict emojis

If Allo predicts expressions, Messages predict emojis , highlighting the words that may end up being emojis in the text you are writing.

Images and text

You can send your best photos along with drawings to all your contacts, so you can unleash your creativity in Allo. We already know that the strong point of Google is creativity .

These are the strengths and differences between the two messaging applications, one from iOS and the other from Google. Which one has softened your green heart? Leave it in the comments!

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