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Goodbye to the Apple monitor, the Thunderbolt Display

What had been in the offing for some time has now become reality. The monitor from the Californian company, known as Thunderbolt Display, has reached the end of its cycle . Apple itself has made this statement public to the newspaper Techcrunch , where it has assured that only those already manufactured will be sold while stocks last.

Controversial from its inception, the Thunderbolt Display has very outdated features for the price it sets and the times . This is why it is suspected that Apple has discontinued this product, with the intention of bringing in a new generation of greatly improved monitors: 5K resolution, integrated graphics, or USB Type C would be some of the possible new features that the new Thunderbolt Display would bring.


Goodbye to the Apple monitor, the Thunderbolt DisplayGoodbye to the Apple monitor, the Thunderbolt Display

However, it is important to note that the arrival of this possible new generation of Thunderbolt Display is only a rumour. We must also assume the possibility that Apple will abandon this category, ceasing to design and build future monitors with its stamp and signature.

In the same statement made to the newspaper Techcrunch , the spokesman of the company encouraged users of some Mac, to seek an alternative – to which for 5 years has been his monitor – in other manufacturers. One more than probable declaration of intentions about the plans Apple has about the continuity of its monitors for Mac.

What would Apple gain from a new Thunderbolt monitor?

This product was created primarily for two classes of users: those who own a Mac Mini, or those who own a Macbook or iMac, and are looking for an extension to their desktop .

It is true that there are many options on the market to get a compatible monitor for our Mac device. However, one from Apple’s firm would always be a better option, since they know their devices best and can offer the perfect complement for your computers. Part with advantage because of that condition .

The problem would come if you exceed the price of its predecessor, pampering its physical appearance, but leaving much to be desired in terms of image resolution, launching a product with a price similar to that of an iMac. A balance between the two by adjusting the price, could be the perfect formula for a new top product by Apple, as it would be demanded by most users who need a second monitor, or a main one -as in the case of the Mac Mini.

We will see over time which way the company will go with respect to this abandoned category on its part.