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good size, big camera and performance but same autonomy

Just a few hours before the new iPhones start selling in stores and the users who made the reservation receive them, the first analyses have already been published in the most important media in the United States. After learning the conclusions for the iPhone 6 Plus, it is now the turn of the iPhone 6 .

What do those who have already tried it think? Is it better than the iPhone 6 Plus? Is it a big change from the current 4″ models? Let’s see what conclusions we can draw from each of the analyses.

A matter of size

good size, big camera and performance but same autonomy
good size, big camera and performance but same autonomy

With the presentation of both models, one with a 4.7-inch screen and another with a 5.5-inch screen, beyond other features; the main reason for deciding between one or the other would be the size. Used to a terminal with a 4-inch screen, making the leap to a larger one could be a bit tricky.

That’s why all the media agree that in that respect the iPhone 6 is a real hit, almost perfect . For most users it will still be a comfortable terminal to use. And its screen is perfect for most uses as it is neither too big nor too small. Conclusion that, personally, I already expected it to be like that.

Slim and elegant design

In terms of design, there are few new developments. As with the iPhone 6 Plus, the quality of the materials and its lightness give it a great feeling of robustness in hand . The rounded edges, very much in the style of the new iPad, make it comfortable to hold. And it can be operated with just one hand and is relatively comfortable. It may be a little harder to get to some points on the screen, but it’s not the iPhone 6 Plus.

As for the camera and its protruding lens, it doesn’t seem to be a problem. Yes, on a flat surface it is not perfectly supported but with a cover it is solved. In addition, the case will be useful to add a little friction to prevent the terminal from flying off or slipping easily out of your hands.

Screen quality

Apple said they had the best screen. Possibly one of those using LCD technology because Display Mate has rated the Note 4 screen as the best on the market. So, although the ratings are good because they say the color representation is outstanding and the brightness, viewing angles and sharpness are up to par, I think we’d better wait and see what Display Mate comes up with. Because the analyses we have seen do not go into too much depth on this aspect.

Autonomy, nothing to highlight

And we reached a key point, autonomy. After learning the battery data for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, it was clear that only the largest model would offer something different. And so it has. The 4.7″ model barely improves the battery life of the iPhone 5s . This means that we will have the same hours of use but be careful, if we adjust the brightness of the screen to the maximum or the same we will not even reach the day of use.

The truth is that a little more thickness in exchange for a few more mAh for the battery would have been a pact that we would all have been happy to sign. Although we still have hope that the A8 chip will improve this data with upcoming iOS 8 updates that will further optimize the system.


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A big camera

The decision to keep an 8-megapixel sensor seems to have worked out well for him. The samples we can see, both from photos and video, are good. In the different galleries with sample images we can see that the camera again solves very well different situations .

From scenes with high contrast elements, to low light or colorful scenes, the result is high quality images. The level of detail, color representation, etc. are at the expected level.

iOS 8, the true complement to the new iPhone

But if there’s one point we didn’t expect to be different, it was iOS 8. The new version of the system is the ideal complement to give all the value that an iPhone has. In both iPhone models, iOS 8 brings a series of advantages that make them the best smartphones you can buy according to most media.

And that’s the best part, the updates of the vast majority of applications. That’s when we’ll start enjoying these new terminals much more and of course those we already have.

iPhone 6, a terminal…

After reviewing the various published reviews we are certain that the iPhone 6 is a great smartphone . But we still have some questions or data to confirm even more. Maybe because the analysis was published as soon as possible or because they didn’t want to, the truth is that they all lack a little bit of depth.

We have been commenting that to value a product only by its specifications is wrong. Software plays as important a role as hardware but still there are aspects that are not entirely clear. In particular, autonomy.

The data is not very accurate and nowhere does it provide any concrete evidence. It is true that moderate use, intense use or regular use should be “values” that would give us information but which applications they used or what the signal level of the mobile network was are aspects that influence.

Anyway, if I have to stick with an assessment or conclusion I think I’ll pick Jason Snell from MacWorld who says something like this:

While the new processors are faster or the camera is better, what’s really important about iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is the size of its screen. This is the way Apple has used to allow all those users who are looking for a big terminal to buy an iPhone instead of an Android device.

Now, until we can analyze the new terminals ourselves, we leave you the links to the different reviews so that you can evaluate and comment on what you think.

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