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Good Apple products that you might have at home and wouldn’t have thought of selling (keyboards, mice, maybe classic Macs…)

The inveterate machinists, those of us who have been immersed in the world of the apple for several years, always end up treasuring an infinite number of devices that we end up forgetting their existence or that we even once had them. Recently, with my move to a new house, I have been able to verify this maxim personally.

Mice, Mighty Mouse, Magic Mouse, Trackpads, Bluetooth keyboards, wireless keyboards, The Ball Mouse, Airport Express, Time Capsule… There are so many things you can “leave behind” because they have given way to newer variants… And had you thought of leaving all those things gathering dust?

Good Apple products that you might have at home and wouldn’t have thought of selling (keyboards, mice, maybe classic Macs…)
Good Apple products that you might have at home and wouldn’t have thought of selling (keyboards, mice, maybe classic Macs…)

Yes, obviously we won’t make as much profit as we could by selling a second-to-last generation iMac to buy the latest one. But surely better than getting dust in any corner or drawer of our house, we could make a little profit and maybe get to help someone .

The Universe of Apple Peripherals

Yes, it may seem like the most absolute triviality, and you may think, who would want to buy something like that? But you never know other people’s needs. Maybe selling a mouse that’s just taking up space and collecting dust for you can help someone who needs that mouse to run their older Mac .

Perhaps the best way to sell peripherals such as mice, keyboards or trackpads from older Macs is by holding auctions. Make a small “pack” with everything you have by offering a price for the whole lot and giving as not the possibility of acquiring separate pieces . If you don’t know what to sell them for, you can always set a “minimum price” to make an auction and see how far you can go according to the interest of the one who needs it.

If you have Apple peripherals, such as the Newton (the forerunner of the iPad) or the Apple digital camera, then you have “rare” Apple devices and you can even get a good “pinch” for them as they are very rare devices.

In the case of Apple’s Airport , are devices with very “good aging” I for example have one with more than six years that still performs its function perfectly, so if we want to get rid of one of them, we can always get a good price.

Old Macs, authentic collector’s items

If you’re a fan of the apple brand and have been for years, you’re in luck. The design of Apple’s computers and the milestones they have achieved throughout the history of computing make them computers sought after by some collectors to form part of their personal collection .

The Macintosh, the Apple II, the Apple I (of which you get to pay astronomical prices). Or perhaps more recent models, such as the original iMac , the iMac “lamp”, the iMac G5 . They had such a groundbreaking design in their day that they’re true collectors’ items.

Compra y vende productos Apple de segunda mano con mResell

If you have one of these Macs, by doing some research on the Internet you can always find out the price at which they are quoted . We can always do a little research and then decide to put an auction on the dozens of online sites that exist for this purpose, and see what price they can sell for.

The good thing about Apple devices is that they have an active “second hand” market and that it is relatively easy to get rid of (and get something in return for) devices that we no longer use and that only take up space in our homes.

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