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Going back to the old Apple laptop distribution

While everyone was rambling about whether or not it was a good idea to call the 13-inch MacBook Pro for the sake of adding the FW800 I could only think of one idea… We already know this .

Apple’s new laptop layout is based on its “typical” PowerPC-era layout. At that time the PowerBook G4 had 12, 15 and 17 inch models all made of aluminium .

Going back to the old Apple laptop distribution
Going back to the old Apple laptop distribution

It was a range dedicated to the professional market, so it included firewire ports and a metal finish that distinguished them more easily from their iBook counterparts. On the other hand, there was the iBook range with a polycarbonate finish and similar features .

In fact, it is curious that the “argument” that exists now between what is more powerful a MacBook unibody or a MacBook white already existed at the time. It was said that the 12-inch PowerBook was much better than the 12-inch iBook, of course the owner of an iBook didn’t think so.

Now Apple arrives and after breaking this distribution after more than two years restructures it in a similar way. Coincidence? Apple never leaves anything to chance. Something like this can only mean that Apple plans something .

From my point of view this movement has two readings. Apple wants to leave room for a laptop with an unbeatable price/performance ratio but at the same time be able to introduce another product within its price “range” .

Although we thought the MacBook white would go away in October, the truth is that it’s turning out to be a great product in terms of features and sales. There are still many people who dream of owning a MacBook and in fact it is always among the company’s best-selling computers.

So this first point is clear, the MacBook white has a long life and I would even go so far as to say that we can see more than one model. Why not? from 899 euros to 1100 euros for the aluminum model we can still place another product .

Because distinguishing both models and a price difference of 200 euros between them can give rise to many options, this could be the second point.

The MacBook white has just turned 3 years old and despite all this time it is still completely valid in design, so a redesign seems complicated, but not a new model. .

I’m talking about the vaunted 15-inch MacBook white. Remember the rumor? Sure, we talked about it at Apple for a long time but it seems we’ve forgotten about that remote rumor.

The 15-inch MacBook white was “almost a reality”, and for several Keynotes there were rumors of its possible release. Without a doubt, now is the time, so the larger MacBook would be similarly priced to the 12-inch MacBook Pro , in the same way that the 14-inch iBook and the 12-inch PowerBook were once priced.

When I saw the new distribution of laptops I could only think of the arrival of this new model and that is that 15 inches does not mean a big difference in size but a big plus of comfort for all those people who do not want to spend the nearly 1600 euros of the only 15-inch computer from Apple.

Would you buy a 15-inch white MacBook with similar features to the 13″ model?

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